Hello World, It’s TropicalJoss!

16 July, 2018

Hi there!  My name is TropicalJoss (or just Joss) and welcome to my blog.  I hope to fill this space with my adventures and any interesting facts I find.

I’m a Salvadoran girl currently based in Metro Vancouver since August 2013.  I’m all about plants, nature, recycling and dogs.  I’m a pescatarian, which is great since I can find sushi almost in every corner around here.  I’m also battling hyperinsulinemia – I’ll make sure to write a post about it to help you understand – and will probably share some of my recipes (I’m basically eating like a diabetic person with some fun foods allowed).

I have a BTech in Information Technology and I love everything programming-related.  My job has opened new paths for me and has also shown me that networking (the computer kind) is amazing.

I’ll work on my about me page soon, but in the meantime I’ll update this post as I go.  Feel free to drop in a question below or send over a tweet at @tropicaljoss.


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